Introducing the Westlaw Family Law Forum

December 6, 2011

Family Law Theme MonthInterested in family law?

Practicing in family law?

Then you should join the Westlaw Family Law Forum!!

The Family Law Forum is a community group here on Westlaw Insider where  family law practitioners and law students can interact with one another, as well as with reference attorneys and authors of family law practice guides published by Thomson Reuters Westlaw.

Have questions about researching case law?

Interested in discussing new trends in the field?

Wondering about others’ experiences on a certain subject?

You can discuss all of that – and more – on the Forum!

As many practitioners in the field already know, family law works a bit differently than most other areas of law.

Strategies that work in most areas will completely backfire in family law.

Client control takes on a whole new meaning within the field.

Indeed, the personal nature of family law makes it unpredictable – in the courtroom, in dealing with clients and opposing parties, and dealing with opposing counsel.

The Westlaw Family Law Forum is a great place to discuss your own experiences, learn from the experience of others, and get research tips on finding the right case or statute.

Click here to join the group!