International Women’s Day: Insights from Female Attorneys

March 8, 2012

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a celebration now 101 years running.  To mark the day, we highlight top insights from women in the legal sector–many at independent law firms–contributed to the Westlaw Insider Small Law Firms blog.


  • Susan Miller, attorney and author of the prominent Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated, launches an open Ask Miller’s Community Forum where you can discuss issues of property/casualty insurance law, ask questions, and offer suggestions for future editions.
  • Lise Freking, Esq., now with Thomson Reuters, discusses work-life balance for women in law, as well as Title IX rights and how they enable her own daughter to compete on a male-dominated football team.
  • Video:  Attorney and author Nicole Black discusses cloud computing, a hot and trending topic at LegalTech New York 2012 in Jan.
  • In the first of two guest articles, solo practitioner Lisa Solomon offers tips on using listservs and email marketing lists to boost demand for your firm’s business.
  • Small firm attorney Elizabeth Fairbanks-Fletcher talks with Westlaw Insider’s Kati Katzenmeyer about her firm’s virtual law office, including how-to’s and why a virtual practice is right for her independent firm.

Many thanks to these contributors for their perspectives as women and attorneys.

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