Independent Thinking: How to be Persuasive and Likeable in Court

November 9, 2012

Small Law: Independent ThinkingIn past blog posts we’ve talked about how important appearance and overall preperation  are in the court room. Now we’re going a step further. Attached is an article written by Katherine James, How to Present Yourself in Court To be Optimally Likeable and Persuasive.

This article pin points specific ways to ensure optimal likeability and persuasiveness while in court. In addition to mentioning ways to be more likeable/ persuasive she also assigns techniques and exercises along with each point to help you further develop your skills.

Here is a sneak peak of the article…

It is so simple, really. In order to be likeable and persuasive in court all you have to do is…

  • Be likeable
  • Really listen
  • Make great eye contact
  • Smile more than you frown
  • Have a great voice
  • Gesture naturally
  • Become a fabulous story teller.

Having trouble with one or two or all seven of these? Don’t worry. Here is a series of exercise that can help you develop these tools of likeability and persuasion…

You can request a copy of the full article here.