Article: Enabling Small Firm Collaboration with Corporate Clients

February 22, 2012

An article about sharing legal research with corporate clients was recently brought to my attention, which may be of interest to small law firms.  I thought I’d share it here, since it was published in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel magazine and not likely read by many independent attorneys.

The article, Legal Research Means Efficiency by Brian Quinn, Senior Director of Product Development, Thomson Reuters, was written after discussions with lawyers on both sides of the firm-client relationship.  Quinn reminds us that in today’s cost-conscious economy, corporations are more and more likely to require the details of, or even to participate in, their law firms’ legal research process.  The folder sharing functionality of WestlawNext is one method of doing just that at no additional cost.

Collaboration between inside and outside counsel is familiar to many small firms, so I hope you find the article useful.  Enjoy!