Tax research has never been simpler.

Hundreds of federal, state, local, and analytical tax resources in one place.

Eliminate time-consuming multiple searches in multiple sites. From one convenient platform, Westlaw Tax gives you fast, easy, integrated access to: Federal and state primary tax law, including statutes, regulations, and cases

  • IRS publications and other federal and state agency materials
  • Leading analytical resources from respected providers such as West, RIA, BNA, and WG&L

View  a Westlaw Tax demo  Powerful search technology helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.

 Here are just a few of the time-saving features included in Westlaw Tax. Global Search – Type an issue in the Global Search box and simultaneously search hundreds of federal, state, and analytical resources – with results conveniently sorted by category, so you can save time and miss nothing important.

  • Find a Citation – Just enter a citation in the always-available Timesaver Toolbar. You’ll pull up the section or subsection, plus links to relevant statutes, cases, regulations, analytical materials, news, and more.
  • Legislative history timelines in graphical format – In easy-to-understand graphical format, see a statute’s complete legislative history. And find links to text of past, present, and future versions of the statute – as well as to the text of documents from the statute’s legislative history.
  • Subsection KeyCite – KeyCite Tax Citator now functions at the code subsection and paragraph level, so you can quickly and easily retrieve a list of cases and statutes, proposed legislation, administrative decisions and analytical sources on Westlaw citing a code subsection or paragraph.
  • Searchable and browsable tables of contents – Enter a search term and get a result showing you every place in the table of contents that your search term appears. Search tables of contents from a single publication or multiple publications simultaneously.
  • News – Click the News tab for access to The BNA Daily Tax Report and Weekly Tax Updates.
  • Directory – Click the Directory link at the top of the Westlaw Tax screen to search a well-organized list of all tax materials available in Westlaw Tax.
  • Add/Remove a Tab – Add and share tabs such as News and Westlaw Business.
  • Alerts – Receive automatic notification whenever information matching your search is added to Westlaw.
  • Research Trail – Saves past research events for 14 days, so you can easily return to a past search.

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