Start-up Company Toolkit from Practical Law

August 6, 2015

Practical Law logo newStart-up companies face unique challenges. With the founders often focused on capital raising, product development and marketing, the legal requirements that come with running a business and becoming an employer are not always prioritized. However, a failure to address these issues could result in significant liability for the company and its founders.

The Practical Law Start-up Company Toolkit is a cross-disciplinary collection of resources designed to help start-up business owners and their counsel navigate the legal complexities they face. The Toolkit includes annotated forms, practice notes, checklists and more for a wide array of start-up needs, including:

  • Entity formation.
  • Governance and corporate housekeeping.
  • Capital raising and financing.
  • Stockholder relations.
  • Workplace and labor issues with employees, contractors and service providers.
  • Employee benefits and compensation.
  • Acquiring and protecting intellectual property.
  • Product development, production, advertising, marketing and sales.
  • Data privacy, internet and social media issues.
  • Real estate and leasing issues.
  • Insurance issues.

Set out below is a small sampling of the Toolkit’s resources. For the full list, visit the Start-up Company Toolkit.

Entity Formation

Governance and Corporate Housekeeping

Capital Raising and Financing

Stockholder Relations

Workplace and Labor Issues with Employees, Contractors and Service Providers

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Acquiring and Protecting Intellectual Property

Product Development, Production, Advertising, Marketing and Sales

Data Privacy, Internet and Social Media Issues

Real Estate and Leasing Issues

Insurance Issues