Westlaw Litigator Tools activity: How’s Your Latin?

March 23, 2011

Scramble AvatarWestlaw Litigator Tools is now offering two new products – Westlaw CaseLogistix and Westlaw Drafting Assistant – to help you transform law and facts into impressive results!

Are you fluent in “legalese”—spoken and written? Writers of legal documents craft words eloquently and intelligently, relying on important concepts that have lasted for centuries.

More winning opportunities:

Schedule a demonstration of Westlaw Drafting Assistant and/or Westlaw CaseLogistix at your office by April 30 to earn a $50 gift to the MoMA Store

Attend a webinar by April 30 to earn a $15 gift to the MoMA Store

Return to www.WestlawInsider.com through April 30 for more opportunities to participate and earn.

Wesltaw CaseLogistix helps you discover facts and evidence to build your arguments. And Westlaw Drafting Assistant helps you gather text from your past work, quotes from transcripts and evidence, and authority from Westlaw or WestlawNext.
Together these two new products, Westlaw CaseLogistix and Westlaw Drafting Assistant, bookmark your case tasks, taking you from e-discovery to document submission.

Terms and conditions apply. Law schools, students and faculty are not eligible for rewards. Government employees should consult their agency ethics officer prior to participating in the promotion game, webinar, or demonstration.