Your Input Is Greatly Appreciated…

August 9, 2010

Credit: Reuters/Stringer

As the Summer begins to wind down and the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is sealed, there have been a few inquiries regarding this blog and where it will go. To be honest, we did not know ourselves when we started. Our goal was to be a rich information source for Summer Associates and Westlaw subscribers. The good news is that we plan on continuing this blog into the future. Our editorial team has been tasked with the job of deciding where to go and what to do after August.

A few ideas have been proposed in regards to where we host the blog in the future. We would love your input on the future of this blog. If we moved locations, would that impact your readership? Should this just be for research from the Reference Attorneys? Do you want us to cover anything in particular? Do you want to see more direct responses to e-mail posted on the blog? Do you want us to offer special, exclusive information about Westlaw Updates, free passwords, etc? Do you want us to cover more current events? Do you want us to research the U.F.O. cover-up at Roswell? The sky is the limit! Feel free to anonymously submit your comments below.

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