Westlaw’s CHAP13PP database: A fresh look at a bankruptcy classic

October 12, 2010

Chapter 13 Practice and ProcedureIn these foreclosure-weary times, it’s worth taking a close look at a respected Chapter 13 guide, such as W. Homer Drake Jr.’s “Chapter 13 Practice and Procedure.” In fact, that’s what bankruptcy judge Paul Bonapfel and Chapter 13 trustee Adam Goodman are doing – reviewing and revising Drake’s classic treatise chapter by chapter.

Check out their work in the newly released Chapter 13 Practice and Procedure database (CHAP13PP) on Westlaw, which contains the full text of “Chapter 13 Practice and Procedure” and includes all recent revisions, such as updated chapters on Chapter 13 eligibility, commencement of a Chapter 13 case, debtor’s duties, preconfirmation matters, and an analysis of In re Lanning (a 2008 10th Circuit Court decision on projected disposable income).

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