WestlawNext Q&A: Why do some saved documents have asterisks?

November 24, 2010

Q&A logoQ: I see asterisks next to various documents in my WestlawNext folder. What do these asterisks mean?

A: An asterisk is displayed next to a document you saved in a folder if you will incur a transactional charge upon viewing it. Otherwise, you can view the document for 12 months without an additional charge. This 12-month free usage period begins when

(1) you view the document transactionally either in the same session in which you move the document to the folder or

(2) the first time you retrieve the document from the folder. When you hold your pointer over an asterisk, you will see the message Viewing this document will incur a transactional charge.

You may see both an asterisk and an eyeglasses icon next to a document. This means you viewed the document in a previous session during the last 30 days but not in the session in which you added it to the folder.

You can view a document in a folder without incurring an additional charge for 12 months. After you view a document with an asterisk, the asterisk disappears and doesn’t reappear for 12 months.

The asterisks don’t change the pricing rules that have been in effect since the launch of WestlawNext. As before, the charge for viewing a document may be in plan or out of plan.