WestlawNext Q&A: Streamlined searches

March 2, 2011

Q&AQ: Is there an easier way to identify key numbers relevant to my issue without having to sort through the thousands of key number classifications in the West Key Number Digest that might apply?

A: Yes, there at least two ways.

If you are already viewing a relevant case, you will likely see a key number under which the relevant point of law is classified.

  • To retrieve a list of similar headnotes from other cases, simply click the West topic or key number in the case.
    • If you decide you need headnotes from different jurisdictions, click Change at the top of your results.

If you want key numbers for case retrieval but are not viewing a relevant case, click West Key Number System on the Tools tab.

  • Next, type a term (e.g., pollution) in the Title Search text box in the right column and click Search.
  • A list of key numbers is displayed.
  • To retrieve a list of headnotes classified under a key number on the list, click the key number.