WestlawNext Q&A session: Common printing questions

June 25, 2010

Q&A - Westlaw Research Expert WebinarsThis is the third in a series of questions and answers from the June 14-17 webinars in our WestlawNext research expert series. The first two posts covered search refinement tools and related materials in results lists.

Q: When we switch to WestlawNext, will we still be able to print documents on dedicated Westlaw printers?
Printing to dedicated printers is not available at this time but is being developed.

Q: When I print a case where I have highlighted text, will the text be highlighted on paper?
You can choose to print a document with highlighting and annotations.  The highlighted text will appear in yellow on color printers and shaded on black-and-white printers.

Q: Another question about highlighted text: If  I run another search and the same case comes up, will the highlighting still be there?
A: Yes, the case will remain highlighted until you choose to delete the highlighting from that document.

Q: If you want a copy, are you charged to print it?
A: Yes. See the subscriber document on the Tools tab for specific delivery pricing information.

Q: Can you print from the browser window?
A: You can print from your browser, but then you lose all of WestlawNext’s delivery formatting options.

Q: Can you copy and paste without additional charges?
A: Copy with Reference carries no additional charge.