WestlawNext Q&A session: A grab bag of questions

June 29, 2010

Q&A - Westlaw Research Expert WebinarsIn this final episode of our WestlawNext research expert webinars Q&A series, we’ll answer audience questions from the June 14-17 sessions on a variety of topics that haven’t been addressed in the first three posts (which covered search refinement tools, related materials in results lists, and printing with WestlawNext).

Q: Are WestlawNext’s features available to mobile devices?
We have a separate mobile site at m.next.westlaw.com, and anyone with access to WestlawNext can access the mobile version. The functionality is somewhat different due to technical differences between computers and mobile devices. However, the majority of the options are available on the site, which has been optimized for smartphones.

Q: How long will documents stay in folders or have notes?
A: Documents stay in folders until the user removes them from the folder. Notes remain on documents until they are removed from the document

Q: If you are looking at a case, can you see the whole KeyCite history and citing references at no additional charge?
A: No; each citation checked in KeyCite incurs a charge of $7.00 for transactional billing or $10.00 per minute for per-minute billing. KeyCite charges may be either included or ancillary, based on your WestlawNext subscription plan.

Q: Are you using the 19th ed. of the Bluebook (which was just released)?
We are currently using the 18th edition of the Bluebook for CiteAdvisor, the functionality of which is incorporated into WestlawNext.  We are working to incorporate the 19th edition of the Bluebook.

Q: Do current law students have access to both westlaw.com AND WestlawNext?
We’re now finalizing plans for launching WestlawNext to law students. Please contact your academic account manager for specific plans for your school.

Q: How do I get access to WestlawNext?
A: Contact your local West representative or account manager.