WestlawNext Q&A: Finding American Maritime Cases

March 24, 2011

Q&AQ:  I selected All Federal as my jurisdiction and ran a global search related to the construction of bills of lading in shipping contracts.  I retrieved several documents that cite the federal district court case Associated Metals v. M/V Star Skarven, 1995 A.M.C. 505 (1995), but the case never appears in my global search results.  Why not?

A: Until recently, American Maritime Cases documents were not retrieved in a global search even after you selected All Federal as your jurisdiction, unless the case had also been reported by West.  To retrieve those documents, you needed to run a search from the American Maritime Cases (AMC) category page.

That changed earlier this month: American Maritime Cases—even cases not reported by West—can now be retrieved when you run a global search after selecting All Federal or All State & Federal as your jurisdiction. (If you prefer, you can still run searches from the American Maritime Cases (AMC) category page to retrieve only AMC cases—for quickest access to the page, type amc in the WestlawNext home page text box.)

International jurisdictions: It’s possible that American Maritime Cases from other international jurisdictions are retrieved in a global search. When AMC cases are retrieved from more than one international jurisdiction, the International filter is displayed in the left column, as well as a filter for each country listed.  This does not mean that all international content from each listed country was retrieved—only that a country-specific filter is available for each.