WESTLAW NEXT® – Must Have iPad® App

August 5, 2011

WestlawNextAttorney, Jessica, is in court for an important hearing.  She has her iPad® preloaded with the free WestlawNext iPad app.  Her firm already subscribes to WestlawNext so all she needs to access the app is her password.

Traveling to the courthouse by train, Jessica used the app to carefully review legal authority pivotal to the contested issues.  She is always excellently prepared, so she checked the pertinent case/matter folder within the app, confident that all the legal authority she had saved there was automatically updated with the most recent KeyCite® (good/bad law) status indicators.  

During the hearing, opposing counsel, Mark, cites a case to support a particular proposition.  In mere seconds, Jessica finds the case using her WestlawNext iPad app and immediately discovers that it was overruled for that proposition earlier that same day.  She notes the changed status of the law to the judge.  Mark is only just made aware that he has cited overruled authority to the court.  He feels unprepared and a bit embarrassed.

The judge asks to see this case. 

Westlaw Next iPad App ImageWithin the app, Jessica highlights the relevant section(s) and also adds a note to the case, specifically referencing its overruled status.  Then, using the e-mail delivery feature, Jessica immediately sends all relevant authority with her notes and highlighting to the judge and to Mark.  She also saves that case in a personalized folder for future reference.   If she wishes to review the document later in an area where she does not have a wireless connection, she can save the document to her offline folder within the app before she goes offline.

Jessica prevails at the hearing based on the law and the judge rules in her favor.  Big reasons for her win include:   Solid preparation, excellent research skills, and her savvy use of the WestlawNext iPad app.

While many in the legal community are cautious about being early adopters of the latest technology solutions, Jessica defines the significant change we are seeing in Enterprise.  Recent news reports note that some major law firms in the United States have deployed iPads throughout their organizations in an effort to increase the productivity and efficiency of their lawyers who use their iPads to log client time, edit, store and deliver documents, conduct WestlawNext research on the go, and so much more. 

The WestlawNext app is beautifully optimized for the iPad with touch-screen navigation and is always synchronized with the main desktop application and other mobile devices.  It is the only app that can leverage the incredible power of WestSearch™, the world’s leading legal search engine which enables you to locate content sources, research issues, find documents, and access KeyCite results.  Whether you need to browse, search and filter within content pages or you desire quick access to your research History and Favorites, it’s all easily done on the WestlawNext iPad app while you are on the go. 

We are continually enhancing the WestlawNext iPad app for you.  Look for recent updates of our app at the Apple® iTunes® store.  You’ll be glad you downloaded the app to your iPad.  Like Jessica, you will love using it! 

Do you have any success stories using the WestlawNext iPad app?  If so, we would appreciate hearing your story.

Consider setting up a demo session with your West Account Manager on how to leverage the power of the WestlawNext iPad app.  Need more help?  Our licensed Reference Attorneys are ready to help 24-7-365.  Please call them at 1-800-REF-ATTY.  As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  Thanks for using the WestlawNext iPad app!