WestlawNext is a Wonderful Thing

June 10, 2010

A sad news item in “today’s paper”: Marvin Isley (of the Isley Brothers) has died.  Not ringing any bells?  How ‘bout “It’s your thing” (do whatcha wanna do…) or “Who’s that Lady”??  Anyway, good Motown/early 70’s stuff.  Evidently he most likely died from diabetes-related complications and suffered quite a bit with this, and even had both legs amputated as a result.  Hearing about his death rang another bell—faintly—for me, and I thought that the group had either won or lost a pretty big copyright infringement suit regarding one of their songs.  Let’s say you found yourself where I was, looking for a case with just a few scraps of information to go on.  I just made sure that my case databases were set to “All State & Federal” and typed in a short, yet somewhat descriptive search: isley brothers copyright infringement.  I then clicked into the “Cases” category, which I have set to list in order of relevance, and what do we have here?

Looks like the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a $5.4 million jury verdict against (*gasp*) Michael Bolton after he infringed on their “Love Is A Wonderful Thing” tune.  A very nice example of how easy WestlawNext can be: I did not have to choose a database or try to formulate a complicated Terms and Connectors query, yet I got to the case I was wondering about after typing just four words.  It’s indeed a Wonderful Thing.