Westlaw Reg & Leg Center: The easiest way to cut through red tape

February 9, 2011

It can be a nightmare to try to pinpoint—let alone compare—statutes or regulations that govern an area of law.

For starters, there are a staggering number of state and federal statutes and regulations. In addition, state legislatures use a wide variety of terminology to refer to the same thing. As a result, your search must cast a net so wide that you inevitably retrieve an overwhelming list of documents, few of which are relevant.

One solution is to use the Reg & Leg Center, which was released on Westlaw this week. Just click Add a Tab and select a Reg & Leg Center page as you would any other tabbed page.  

When you use the Reg & Leg Center, you don’t have to guess all the possible terms used in the statutes or regulations you need. Instead, just type keywords in the text box (e.g., notice of cancellation of insurance policy) and click Scan. The Reg & Leg Center automatically creates checklists of topics, jurisdictions, and agencies.

New Reg & Leg Center now on Westlaw


From there, it’s a matter of checking boxes that might apply. Click View Results, and you retrieve existing statutes and regulations from as many topical categories and jurisdictions as you specify, as well as any or all of the following:

  • public laws
  • session laws
  • agency materials
  • pending bills
  • pending regulations
  • legislative history materials
  • bill tracking
  • editorially supplied summaries


In addition, the Reg & Leg Center makes it easy to create alerts and customized reports, so that you’re never caught unaware by sudden statutory or regulatory changes.

Topical Reg & Leg Center Tabs are also available for healthcare, insurance, financial, insurance, environmental, and employment laws.