Westlaw Reference Attorney Blog weekly roundup

September 14, 2012

Here is a sampling of legal research blog posts from our partners over at the Reference Attorney Blog

Child Care Licensing Legislation and Regulation

Recent child deaths in Minnesota has spurred the state to explore tightening regulations surrounding home child care.  Jill outlines strategies for finding the proposed legislation and other related materials nation-wide.

 Your Tech’s Patent App Pendency

This week, Patently-O touches on an issue common among our patent researchers: what’s the average pendency for patent applications?  Using Thomson Innovation, Mike walks through a simple process for making this determination for any given technology.

 The Legal Fallout of 9/11

Bill discusses the wide-ranging legal fallout of the 9/11 attacks: “Statutory responses to the attacks ranged from tuition and fee waivers for students who are surviving dependents of people killed on 9/11 (CA EDUC 68121), to New Jersey’s Freedom Walk Day (NJ ST 36:2-130).”

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