WESTLAW NEXT Updates: Batch exhibits for dockets – Download only the ones you want

August 24, 2011

WestlawNextHere’s an enhancement that can potentially save a litigation practitioner time, money, and frustration.

Before, you could view exhibits for a particular filing by clicking the exhibit number hyperlink (where available) from the docket document.  You could only retrieve one exhibit at a time.

The image view was not saved in your WestlawNext history, nor were subsequent views free of charge.

Now, the Batch PDF Downloads page will contain individual check marks for each available exhibit so you can download precisely the exhibits you want—any or all of them, simultaneously—right from the Batch PDF Downloads page.

In addition, downloaded exhibits are linked to the Dockets Requests page, where they can be accessed free of charge for 21 days (the user is charged only for the initial download).

To view the Dockets Requests page, click the Docket Requests icon in the lower right corner of any WestlawNext page (visible once PDFs or updates are stored in the delivery queue) or Docket Requests under Tools & Resources on any Dockets category page.

Often requested by users, this feature is available only on WestlawNext—not Westlaw (westlaw.com).