Westlaw Compliance Advisor: Smarter searching, more options

April 11, 2011

By Jay Shuck

Diversity is usually a good thing.

But diversity of language among agencies and legislatures can be a problem for compliance professionals: How do you write a query that retrieves relevant materials from institutions that use many different terms and taxonomies?

The solution is Westlaw Compliance Advisor—especially in its current form.

In February, some powerful enhancements were released for Westlaw Compliance Advisor, including the following:

  • topical categorization of documents (regardless of regulatory or legislative language), resulting in smarter searching
  • federated search result list to browse a large result quickly
  • static search box visible at every page in Westlaw Compliance Advisor
  • home page with Latest Updates alerts and announcements restricted to industries and jurisdictions you designate
  • My Compliance feature for selecting one or more industries (Consumer Banking, Mortgage Banking, Life & Annuities, Property & Casualty, Accident & Health, or Healthcare) to focus various browse and search tasks. (Caution: A federated search from the Search Center or the home page text box is not necessarily restricted to industries selected in My Compliance or to materials covered in your subscription.)
  • Research Trail feature (click Trail at the top of any page)
  • New alert options: WestClip, KeyCite Alert, topical alerts, and regulatory guidance alerts
  • User-defined content collections gathering only the information that matters most
  • On-demand custom reporting with multiple alerting functionality

For more information, download one of the recently revised Westlaw Compliance Advisor user guides and quick reference guides from the West Store.

Westlaw Compliance Advisor