West Key Number Digest changes: Corporations undergo restructuring!

March 1, 2011

The West Key Number Digest undergoing some changes. And the change—which took effect this past weekend—is pretty significant: approximately 348,000 headnotes have been reclassified by West attorney-editors.

The most significant change is a “corporate restructuring:” the digest topic Corporations (topic 101) has been renamed Corporations and Business Organizations, and the topic now expands its scope to include sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, business trusts, and business, trade, and professional associations.

Changes include new Roman Numeral divisions and reclassifications relating to non-profit corporations (previously, these headnotes were scattered throughout the topic); derivative actions; piercing the corporate veil; and mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.

Corporations and Business Organizations replaces the now-retired topics Joint-Stock Companies and Business Trusts (topic 225) and Limited Liability Companies (topic 241E).

Other changes include the following:

  • Common Interest Communities (a new topic, 83T) includes various residential associations, such as condominiums, cooperative apartments, homeowners’ associations, and time shares.  It will replace Condominium (topic 89A), which becomes obsolete.
  • Topic Trover & Conversion (topic 389) will be replaced by new topic Conversion and Civil Theft (topic 97C).
  • Conversion (topic 97) will be replaced by new topic Equitable Conversion (topic 149T).
  • Courts (topic 106) will have significant enhancements in the areas of personal jurisdiction and forum non conveniens.