We all need a little help sometimes…and on WestlawNext, it’s free

September 24, 2010

You can learn a lot about WestlawNext with the materials available via the WestlawNext Help Center; simply click Help at the bottom of any WestlawNext page and learn at your own pace.

WestlawNext charges are suspended while you view the WestlawNext Help Center materials.

After clicking Help, you can proceed through the material just as you do in legal research: from the general to the specific.

  • Help keyFor a general overview of WestlawNext, view the video tutorials (starting with a tutorial called Getting Started). Then download the Getting Started guide in PDF.
  • To answer specific questions during a WestlawNext session, go to the WestlawNext Help Center, click Documentation, and browse the bite-sized explanations of specific tasks such as Using Notes in a Document, Saving a Document to a Folder, and Editing the Home Page.

Submitted by Jay Shuck
Legal Writer, Customer and Product Documentation