Using “Limit KeyCite Display”

July 13, 2010

We frequently get calls from summer associates who have been given the task of researching cases that are interpreting a particular statue or rule. Usually, the best way to start, is to do a Find by Citation to the particular statute or rule.  Then, click on the link to the “Citing References” on the left.

Once you are in the Citing References, you can click “Limit KeyCite Display” at the bottom of the screen to apply various limitations to sort the results.

For example, let’s say you are researching Florida cases interpreting prohibited acts under the Family Medical Leave Act (29 USCA § 2615).

Currently, there are over ten thousand citing references for this statute. However, after clicking “Limit KeyCite Display,” you can first limit the list to just cases. Then, you can click “Jurisdiction” on the left to limit it further.

The “Jurisdiction” page lists the federal cases on the left, and the state cases on the left. From this list, we can tell that there are 53 U.S. District Court cases from Florida and just 1 state court case citing to this statute. By checking those two options and clicking “apply,” we’ve gone from over 10,000 to just 54 Citing References.

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