Toyota Recall Filings

May 12, 2010

One of this summer’s hottest legal topics and research projects is the Toyota recall and its resulting litigation. Although the recall has been in the news for months and litigation looms large for the car maker, no orders have been issued yet.  AUTORECAL-FILING is a newly created database of class action filings that can be searched by auto maker. Westclip is an alert feature that runs a specified search in selected databases and alerts the recipient to new additions. Setting up a daily alert in the AUTORECAL-FILING database with the search ti(Toyota) would email a daily alert of new filings to the recipient. Fed-filing-all includes pleadings and motions filed in any federal court in the United States. The following search, ran from January 1, 2010 garnered 195 documents. The search could also be set up as a Westclip by users to track new filings.

Search: ti,pr,ca(toyota) & (engine car auto! /5 Accelerat! uncontroll! crash!) recall! & da(aft 1/1/2010)