The New WestlawNext Customer Resource Center

March 27, 2012

WestlawNext new resource center Know the Difference challengeIn February, WestlawNext celebrated its two year launch anniversary.  As part of this milestone, we’ve launched a new customer website to provide resources and information to 35,000+ legal organizations using WestlawNext.  Here to talk with us about the fresh new look and navigation enhancements of the new site is Lydia Flocchini, Director, WestlawNext Marketing.

What can we expect on the new WestlawNext Resource Center site?

Lydia Flocchini, Director, WestlawNext Marketing

The site,, accompanied the launch of WestlawNext in February, 2010 to introduce the legal industry to a new way of performing legal research.  Now, with over 35,000 legal organizations using WestlawNext, we expanded the content to provide additional resources and information for our customers on how to fully leverage the research efficiencies of WestlawNext.  For example, we included a learning and support page that provides user guides, training videos, and a 24/7 WestlawNext chat link to reach a Reference Attorney.

What other customer resources are available on the new site?

Since the launch of WestlawNext in 2010, customers have told us amazing stories of how WestlawNext has delivered time savings and cost efficiencies to both their clients and to their firms.  We’ve heard fantastic stories of winning, of finding the right answer under a tight deadline and how our mobile capabilities have enabled our customers to be more responsive than ever before.  We have new videos and testimonials from over 20 customers sharing their success stories so that other legal professionals can learn how they are using WestlawNext in practice.  The stories you will see on the site are in their own words.  We are very proud and honored to share these stories with others.  It’s tremendous when you think about how innovations in legal research are transforming the practice of law.

One area our customers want to learn more about is how to maximize efficiency using WestlawNext’s workflow tools such as folder sharing.  In addition to customer stories, we’ve added dedicated pages to where legal professionals can explore ways to use and leverage tools such as this.

In addition to folder sharing, what other benefits are customers leveraging?

As legal professionals are becoming more mobile, there is an increasing need for access to legal research on the go.  As a result, we have added more information about our award-winning iPad app and mobile site.  The WestlawNext Resource Center includes an entire section on our mobile access including how to sync research folders between your desktop and device as well as how to access your research offline.

Anything else you would like to add regarding the new site?

I encourage everyone to visit and explore the WestlawNext Resource Center.  We’ve got some exciting things planned in the coming months and see the site as a place that our customers can go to learn more about how WestlawNext and its proven efficiencies can help them in their practice.  We would love to receive feedback on the site and welcome suggestions from our customers.

Please visit the new website:, then take the “Know the Difference” challenge between now and May 31, 2012 and enter for a chance to win one of two tablets or one of ten $100 gift cards.  Click here for contest details.