The Cutting Edge: Revolutionary Resources for IP Research

June 25, 2015

Reference Attorneys 30Our continuous improvement in our Intellectual Property content never ceases to amaze me. Our coverage of materials for patent prosecutors and litigators is unparalleled in our various products: from initial application filings and patent family analysis to reexaminations and infringement suits, our customers can tackle complex IP issues at any stage.

I am so impressed with the interplay between our products in providing current and comprehensive patent data. Between Thomson Innovation, Monitor Suite and WestlawNext we can access patent applications, analyze family data and track new litigation with our patent docket summaries and legal status changes.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also have fantastic resources for patent licensing agreements, and can use Practical Law to find templates with practice tips or search for the details of actual license agreements in the form of exhibits in Business Law Center and Business Law Research.

I am so proud to support these products which truly make the Reference Attorneys the “go to” for our IP practitioners.

(Editor’s Note: Each day in June we will be highlighting a post from our reference attorney team.  See more entries in our 30 Days of Reference Attorneys series here: #30DaysofRefAttys)