Thank You For #30DaysofRefAttys

June 30, 2015

Reference Attorneys 30The #30DaysofRefAttys posts have highlighted many of the wonderful things about being a Reference Attorney. Delighting customers with clever searches, solving problems by collaborating with colleagues, and using Westlaw’s many features to move research forward efficiently and effectively certainly top my list. But what I most often appreciate are the people that I work with. As Dawn Struble mentioned in the post that kicked off the #30DaysofRefAttys campaign, the Reference Attorney job is not an easy one. Reference Attorneys embrace its challenges and thrive by doing their best in every interaction. I take great pride in the hard work that Reference Attorneys do and appreciate the dedication that it takes to be successful.

I want to thank all of the Reference Attorneys, current and former, who helped us celebrate our 30th Anniversary by participating in the #30DaysofRefAttys campaign. I also want to thank the hundreds of people who are and have been Reference Attorneys. The legacy and longevity of the department are because of your efforts and contributions. And finally, because anniversaries are as much about reflecting on and celebrating the past as they are looking forward to the next chapters, I want to extend a warm welcome to the future Reference Attorneys.