Stranded on the Tarmac….

June 25, 2010

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Earlier this week passengers aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Newark, NJ were stranded for over four hours on the tarmac (with no air conditioning) after being diverted to an airport in Connecticut due to bad weather.

Back in December, the U.S. Department of Transportation promulgated regulations governing how long airline passengers can be delayed on an airport tarmac before being allowed to “deplane.” These regulations went into effect in April. To view the regulations, try the following search:

Database: CFR

Search Query: pr(transportation & air! & passenger & “enhanced protection”)

Documents Retrieved: 8

The regulations give a maximum of 3 hours for passengers to be stuck on the tarmac before being allowed to deplane, but unfortunately for Virgin Atlantic passengers, this 3-hour limit does not apply to international flights by foreign carriers.