Stossel Defamation

September 13, 2010

The recent Ninth Circuit decision in the Stossel defamation case as well as the Sherrod situation has brought a recent influx of questions on libel and slander.  The Stossel decision has potential impact on the Sherrod case as discussed in this Wall Street Journal Law Blog article.

 The Reuter’s article on the Stossel decision is here.

The Ninth Circuit’s appellate decision for Stossel can be found at 2010 WL 3307482.

The lower court docket for the Stossel case can be seen here:  2:08CV03936.

 If you are just starting a defamation investigation, there are several great resources on Westlaw and WestlawNext (Defamation: A Lawyer’s Guide, Law of Defamation, and Sack on Defamation) that include a Table of Contents that makes it easy for you to find the defamation topic you are interested in researching.