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June 17, 2010

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I recently read an article regarding Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation or “SLAPP laws.”  Minnesota has an anti-SLAPP law in place, as do a majority of other states.  But, it got me thinking about various legal terms that don’t necessarily make their way into everyday life and how I would approach a topic that is foreign to me.  Statutes and case law are obvious choices, but often enough articles offering a more of an overview are a great way to find the quick reference point you need to understand a topic a little better and focus your research.  I took the anti-SLAPP concept and ran it in journals and law reviews to see what sort of overviews I could find.


Search: ti,pr(s.l.a.p.p. “strategic lawsuit against public participation” /s overview general!)

Database: JLR

Results: 2 documents

Search: ti,pr(s.l.a.p.p. “strategic lawsuit against public participation”)

Database:  JLR

Results: 77 docs

Westlaw Next:

Search: overview of anti-SLAPP laws (2,406)

Content: Law Reviews & Journals

Jurisdiction: All State & Federal