Resources Specific to the Financial Crisis

July 28, 2010

With the passage of the Dodd-Frank bill last week the Reference Attorneys have received an increasing number of  questions about financial reform.  Did you know there are many databases on Westlaw specific to the financial crisis?  Accessible from either the Finance & Banking folder in the Directory or its own “Financial Crisis” tab, these databases include cases, trial filings, news resources, sections of the Federal Register, law reviews, and legislation all pertaining to the financial crisis.

For example, the database FC-BILLTXT contains full-text versions of all pending Congressional bills since 1994 pertaining to either the subprime mortgage crisis or the financial reform.  There is also a database called FC-MISC, which contains miscellaneous materials such as agency or party statements, speeches, comments, and bill drafts as they appeared prior to their introduction.

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