WestlawNext Tip: How to jump from results list to important search terms

August 11, 2010

Q: I searched WestlawNext for U.S. Supreme Court cases on First Amendment protections for campaign spending. Many of the opinions I retrieved were quite long, e.g., Buckley v. Valeo, which consumes 150 pages in the Supreme Court Reporter. Is there a fast way to jump to the important parts?

A: One fast way is to jump directly from your result list to the parts of the opinions in which your search or Search Within terms appear. Click anywhere in the document text excerpted in your result list, and the portion of the document in which the text appears is displayed. (A green arrow appears in the document next to the beginning of the text that is excerpted in the result list.)

Submitted by
Jay Shuck
Legal Writer, Customer and Product Documentation
Thomson Reuters Legal