WestlawNext question: How are search results organized?

March 25, 2010

If you’ve seen WestlawNext in action, you know that it searches in an entirely new way. Rather than choosing a database first, you simply search through all of West’s core legal content and secondary sources in a single pass. The system gives you multiple ways to slice and dice the results, so you can quickly pinpoint the best resources.

OK, that’s great – but how are these supercharged search results organized? This is a question we’ve heard from many of you, so we asked Kim Ellenberg, a West reference attorney, to explain.

Reference attorneys like Kim answer questions like this every day, and they played a critical role in shaping WestlawNext in the years leading up to its launch. The feedback from customers continues daily, and reference attorneys continue to suggest enhancements to WestlawNext based on what they hear from you.

So please keep the queries coming – and know that, even if we can’t respond directly, we do make note of every comment and tweet that comes our way.