WESTLAW NEXT Cost Effective Tips for Summer Associates & Judicial Clerks

June 23, 2011

While the pricing model for WestlawNext has placed the emphasis on the items that researchers find most valuable – highly relevant documents, it is always a best practice to determine your organization’s specific WestlawNext pricing arrangement from your employer’s administrator.

Most organizations have special offer pricing arrangements (often called flat rates), so it is a good idea to determine if such an arrangement is available where you work.

Here are some cost effective research tips to keep in mind as you use WestlawNext at work this summer:

  • Search and Document Review: The cost of each search is $60 and is always an included charge within your organization’s subscription.  We recommend that you carefully review the result list documents for relevance before you view or deliver the document.  When viewing cases, for example, read the valuable case summary and the resizable snippets of information to determine relevance.  Also consider using the “Search Within Result” filter to narrow a content category result. There are no additional charges to use filters and they help you remain productive and efficient with your use of time, as well as furthering precision searching.  West exclusives like the Key Number System also help you get to the very best documents you require quickly.


  • Use Folders to Organize and Collaborate: Folders on WestlawNext are an excellent way for you to save documents that are important to you.  There are no charges for creating or adding documents to a folder.  If you choose to save a case to a folder, the KeyCite status flags will automatically be updated should there be a change in the case’s authority, so you will always have the current version of the document.  Once a charge is assessed for viewing a document, placing it in a folder permits you and others to view it repeatedly from that folder at no charge for one year.  Also, folders can be shared within and outside your organization allowing you to tap into the collective knowledge of the people you work with.  Your research history is saved for a year.  You can also search and filter in your history folder.


  • New Workflow Tools: WestlawNext has workflow tools to save you valuable time as you research.  Here are three icons to watch for:  Eyeglasses (document has been viewed within the past 30 days for the same Client ID), Folder (document is already in a folder), Note (document has a user created note attached to it).  So, if you see a document cited in a result list that displays an eyeglasses and folder icon, it means that you likely do not need to view that document again.  Move on with efficiency to new documents that help you get further with finding answers for your research issue.


  • The Power of KeyCite®: Learn as much as possible about a document you are interested in from KeyCite before you view it.  You don’t need to do many searches to find additional relevant materials that pertain to your document.  Use the contextual tabs available on the KeyCite display to access highly relevant court filings, negative treatment and citing references.  Use the Depth of Treatment indicators and West headnote references to select the very best documents to view.


  • Contact Your West Account Manager and Reference Attorneys: We highly recommend contacting your Account Manager for WestlawNext training.  They will be glad to show you how to be a smart and cost effective WestlawNext researcher on your computer, iPad or mobile device.  Also, our outstanding Reference Attorneys are available 24-7-365 to assist you with your research questions and issues.  There is no charge for their service.  If there is one powerful tip to remember to use consistently, it’s this one!

WestlawNext is a powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use service that can help your summer law research experience be a meaningful and fun one!

For Customer & Technical Support, please call:  1-800-WESTLAW and for our West Reference Attorneys, please call:  1-800-REF-ATTY.  Thanks for choosing WestlawNext.

We wish you the very best!