WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Navigating the iPad App Home Page

August 1, 2011

Tip of the WeekThe WestlawNext® iPad® app provides access to all your favorite WestlawNext features. Taking advantage of the innovative functionality and increased screen size of the iPad, the app allows you to readily perform a range of tasks, such as finding, viewing, and emailing documents. It also allows you to perform more complex tasks for which you otherwise would have turned to the WestlawNext website, such as organizing research into folders and conducting advanced searches.

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Each of these features can be accessed quickly from the WestlawNext iPad app home page. The home page displays immediately after you sign on. During your research, you can get directly back to the home page by clicking the Home icon in the footer. The home page provides access to:

Search: Search for documents using WestSearch, the proprietary search engine that emulates the best practices of expert legal researchers and delivers a more inclusive, better-ranked result list. Enter whatever you’re looking for in the search box – it’s available at the top of every page, so you don’t need to come back to the home page to start a new query.

Search for documents using WestSearch

Recent Searches: The WestlawNext iPad app syncs your research from multiple devices, so the last ten search queries you performed on any device are available immediately.

Recent Searches

Recent Documents: View the last ten recently viewed documents.

Recent Documents

Browse: WestlawNext content available to you in the website version is also available to you via the iPad app. So you can easily retrieve content while on the go!


Frequently Used and Favorites: Save time and easily jump to the parts of WestlawNext you use most frequently, and easily access the places within WestlawNext that you designate as Favorites.

Frequently Used and Favorites

History: Access your research history, which is available from anywhere in the app by tapping the History icon in the footer. Your research history is saved for a year.


Folders: Access your folders by tapping the Folders icon in the app footer. In addition to viewing the documents saved in your folders, the app lets you create, move, or copy existing folders. Your folders are always in sync with the WestlawNext website version and you can count on the KeyCite® status flags being up to date.


Available on the App StoreThe WestlawNext app is available from the Apple® iTunes® store. Click below for a free download.

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