WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Customizing Your Document Display

September 19, 2011

Tip of the WeekWestlawNext® includes several helpful features that allow you to customize the way you view documents. Use these features to suit your individual needs or preferences.

Full Screen Mode

Full Screen Mode is ideal for reading documents online. It provides a clean, streamlined display so that you can focus on the document you want to read.

Fullscreen Mode button on the document toolbar

To enable full screen mode, simply click the Fullscreen Mode button on the document toolbar.

Fullscreen Mode button on the document toolbar

To return to the standard display, click the Exit Fullscreen Mode ( exit icon ) button at the top of the page.

Display Options

Customize the appearance of documents by changing the default display settings. Begin by clicking the Display Options button on the document toolbar.

Display Options

In Display Options, you can change the font size, style, and even increase the margin width to allow for more viewable text on your screen. As you make selections, the Preview window provides an illustration of your changes. Click Restore Default Options to return the font and margins to their original default settings. Once you complete your changes, click Save.

Click Restore Default Options

These settings are “sticky,” so the options you select will apply to all documents until you change the settings again.

Show/Hide Notes and Highlighting

By default, the notes and highlighting you’ve added to documents are visible. However, you may want to read a document without seeing your prior annotations. To temporarily hide your notes or highlighting, click the Annotations button (on the document toolbar) and de-select Show Annotations.

Show/Hide Notes and Highlighting

These settings are “sticky,” so your notes or highlighting remain hidden until you re-select Show Annotations or until you add a note or highlight text in a document.

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