Tip of the Week: Saving WestlawNext research in Firm Central

January 6, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWEnter your search terms into the WestlawNext widget in Firm Central:

 TOTW 10614 1

If this is the first time signing into WestlawNext today, enter your Client ID and then click continue:

TOTW 10614 2

Once you have found relevant authority, open that item:

 TOTW 10614 3

If you want to save this item into Firm Central, select the Save To Folder button:

TOTW 10614 4

From the Save To Folder button, select Open Client Matters and navigate to the matter folder you would like to save this research into, then press save:

TOTW 10614 5

When you navigate back to Firm Central, the research you saved will appear in the documents section of that matter:

TOTW 10614 6

To see a short video on the WestlawNext and Firm Central integration and other training videos, visit www.firmcentral.com/videos