Tip of the Week: Assign firm users to multiple matters

April 14, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWDo you have a Firm Central user that needs to be added to multiple matters? Maybe you have a new user in your firm that needs to be added to all matters. Firm Central makes adding users to matters easy! See how below:

TOTW 41414 1

Sign in to Firm Central and access the Admin mode

TOTW 41414 2

Once in Admin mode, select the link Firm User Management

TOTW 41414 3

Type the name of the Firm User you would like to add in the Firm User field and select the appropriate name from the drop down menu

TOTW 41414 4

Select a role for this user. Note: Owners can create, edit, and delete Matters and Matter Documents. Editors can edit Matter but can only delete documents s/he added to the Matter. Editors cannot delete a matter. Read Only can view all Matter information but cannot edit or delete. Denied Access user cannot see any portion of the Matter.

TOTW 41414 4

If this user should appear on the matter team click the radio button.  If not, leave this unselected. Note: If you are a team member on a matter the matter will appear in your list of My Matters

TOTW 41414 5 

Once you have chosen a Firm User and Role (1), select the Open Matters (2) that this user should be assigned to. You can search for a specific matter using the Enter a Matter name field, Filter by Practice Area, select all matters or click each matter you would like to add the user too individually.  Note: If you hover over the briefcase next to a matter, you can see matter details.

 TOTW 41414

When the Firm User has been added to the appropriate matters; click save (3).

To see all the other great features Firm Central offers, visit firmcentral.com and click on the features tab