Tip of the Week – Superbrowse

March 2, 2015

Legal solutions TOTWA statute or regulation is often more clearly understood when viewed in the context of its surrounding counterparts.  Now this vantage point is available on WestlawNext as Superbrowse.

Superbrowse allows you to view a statute or regulation’s text in context of the entire statutory chapter or subchapter.  To use Superbrowse first access a federal or state statute or regulation.

Tip of the Week 030215-1

Next, access Superbrowse through the statute or regulation’s hierarchy in the grey box at the top of the page.  Click the  icon next to the chapter you would like to view.  Where the statute or regulation you are viewing is also divided into subchapters, an icon will be available to view the subchapters in Superbrowse.

Tip of the Week 030215-2

Superbrowse then pulls the entire chapter or subchapter’s text together for you to read and review.

Tip of the Week 030215-3

You can also deliver an entire chapter or subchapter from Superbrowse.  Click “Select all items” and then click your preferred delivery method (print, email, download or deliver to Kindle).  You can then customize to include any additional information like KeyCite, citing references, legislative history material or Notes of Decisions.

Try Superbrowse the next time you need to pull up statute or regulation – log on to next.westlaw.com.