Monitor news and legal developments with Westlaw’s clipping service.

July 1, 2009

Stay informed of news and press coverage that could affect your clients. Track new Westlaw content with WestClip, a clipping service that allows you to monitor breaking news and legal developments that could affect you, your organization, and your clients. Clips can be delivered to your email inbox, printer, fax machine, or computer disk drive. You can also run WestClip queries manually from your WestClip Directory page.

  • Track significant changes in legislation, regulations, and case law.
  • Create up to 99 queries on more than 11,000 Westlaw databases to track new content of special interest to you
  • Know exactly what the press is saying about companies and issues
  • Stay current on cases that could impact you, your company, and your key clients
  • Be informed about pending legislation and new regulations