Employment Law Database on Westlaw helps to answer tough questions

June 11, 2009

Employment Law: A State-by-State Compendium (DRI-EMPSTATE) is a new database on Westlaw added in Spring 3009. An easy way to take a look at the content is to use the search recommended in scope which pulls up all of the available documents: CI(DRI-EMPSTATE)The database contains a document for each state and the District of Columbia that answers a number of employment law questions, including those listed below. It was published in 2006, so you may need to use KeyCite to update the information. This is a great place to start any employment research as it links to relevant statutes and cases.

Is there a state antidiscrimination statute? If so, are damages capped? Jury trial or not?
What types of damages are available? Are there state-specific labor statutes or a right-to-work law?What are the state wage-hour laws, if any? Is there a state equivalent to FMLA? In the public sector, is there collective bargaining?Is the state an employment-at-will state? What is the impact of an employment policy handbook? Are there public policy exceptions? Covenants not to compete? State statute or not? What are the limitations? Is there a retaliatory discharge provision in your state’s workers’ compensation laws?What is the law of restraint trade? Are there whistle-blower laws? Are there rules regarding military service and employee leave?

Are there state statutes or regulations regarding:
Jury service and court attendance?
Political rights?
Rights of same-sex couples to employment benefits
Confidentiality of personnel records
Background checks
Protection of social security number?
Wiretap laws?