WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Using Filters to Narrow Search Results

February 4, 2013

Tip of the WeekIn February, we’ll discuss how to use filters to quickly narrow your searches to find the documents you need. Using filters saves time by helping you find documents without running several searches. Filters are unique to the type of content you are searching. There are three filters that are available for searches in nearly all types of content: Viewed in the last 30 days, Documents in Folders, and Search within results.

USING FILTERS TO NARROW SEARCH RESULTSUsing Viewed in the last 30 days

Selecting Not Viewed makes it easy to skip over the documents you have already read. When you have been searching for hours or even days and you feel like you keep seeing all of the same documents, this filter makes it easy to see only the documents you have not reviewed. This helps you feel confident you are not missing important documents.

When you check Viewed, your results will only display documents you have viewed in the last 30 days when you were signed in with the same Client ID. This makes it easy to track down a document that you remember seeing before.

Using Documents in Folders

This filter is not specific to your Client ID. Select Saved to a Folder if you only wish to see results that you have previously saved to a folder.

Select Not Saved to a Folder if you only want to see results that have not been saved to any folder.

Search within results

Use the Search within results box to enter a search that will be run across the results from your original search. This search box uses Boolean Terms & Connectors. Once you place your cursor in the box, it becomes larger and you can see search tips at the bottom. This is a great way to refine your search results without having to run a new search. It’s also a great filter to use when you want to use your own unique search terms to narrow your results. There is never a separate search charge for using Search within results.

Use the Search within results box to enter a search

Selecting Multiple Filters

You can apply multiple filters at once by clicking on Select Multiple Filters. This allows you to check multiple boxes and run a Search within results simultaneously.

Use filters and Search within results to narrow in on the most relevant content quickly and efficiently. Next week, we’ll examine the filters you can use when you search in Cases.


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