Q&A: Using KeyCite on WestlawNext

September 13, 2010

Attendees at our most recent expert-level webinar, “KeyCite on WestlawNext,” asked some interesting questions. These answers come courtesy of Seth Heiserman, a West product developer.

Q: Is WestlawNext different from Westlaw? How do I get to the WestlawNext site?

A: WestlawNext and Westlaw.com are different. If you have a subscription to WestlawNext, you can sign on at next.westlaw.com, or access WestlawNext through links on Westlaw.com.

Q: Can you limit citing references by more than one variable, like date and type of document?

A: Yes. To do this today, first select a document type, then narrow your selection using the date filter. The ability to narrow your results using multiple filters at the same time is planned for future development.

Q: In the citing references title column, I sometimes see green quotation marks (“) by the case name. What do those mean?

A: Green quotation marks on WestlawNext indicate that the citing case directly quotes the cited case. They’re used the same way as the purple quotation marks on Westlaw.com.

Q: Can I search within a case for a particular word or phrase?

A: Yes. Currently, the easiest way to search within the text of a document for a word or phrase is to use Ctrl+F on your keyboard. Incorporating “search within” capabilities into documents on WestlawNext is planned as a part of future development.

Q: Will Westlaw be going away, leaving WestlawNext as the search tool to use?

A: Westlaw.com is a great product and will continue to be supported, with WestlawNext available as a premium product that offers a next-generation legal research experience. Only WestlawNext users have access to WestSearch™ ―  a custom-built search algorithm that leverages over 100 years of West’s editorial analysis of the law and emulates the best practices of experienced legal researchers ― and tools for increased organization and efficiency, such as folders and the ability to add notes and highlighting to documents.

Q: What was the URL for the WestlawNext site again?

A: WestlawNext subscribers can access the site at next.westlaw.com or through links on Westlaw.com.