Q&A: Finding the right form on Westlaw

September 2, 2010

FormFinder: Find your form faster on WestlawWest Reference Attorney Andy O’Meara recently pointed out some of the advantages of using FormFinder on Westlaw in this blog post (and this video). He and his colleagues get a lot of call-in questions from Westlaw users who are surprised to learn some of the things FormFinder can help them do. Here are some typical questions they receive.

Q:  I’ve never been involved in a case involving a bad-faith employee contract negotiation. Where can I find a checklist to help me get started?

A: FormFinder’s search template makes it easy to narrow your search by topic, sub-topic, and additional search terms, such as “bad faith.”  The Results Summary then categorizes the documents by text forms, checklists, and clauses to focus in on the one you need.

Q: I need the official PDF form for a court in Missouri, but I practice in Michigan. Is there one place where I can find forms for unfamiliar courts?

A: FormFinder allows you to filter your search by jurisdiction.  The Results Summary includes a section for Official PDF Forms with coverage from state and local courts and state agencies. These forms can be viewed in PDF, completed, saved and printed.

Q: I finally got my hands on a form created by an expert in my area of practice.  Now, how can I quickly modify it to fit my case?

A: FormFinder offers an Easy-Edit version of the document for an additional charge. This removes the header/footer, Westlaw links, and other unneeded content so you can populate the form with information specific to your case. Contact a Westlaw representative for specific pricing information.

Q: Many issues require the same type of form over and over, such as a Motion for Summary Judgment.  Where can I find other basic form documents I need all the time?

A: FormFinder searches across more than 500,000 documents to deliver the forms you need for your day-to-day practice.

Q: It seems like I always get cases dealing with obscure matters that nobody in the firm has ever seen.  Where can I find an example document to get me started?

A: FormFinder offers documents for more than 47 practice areas including 500 sub-topics.  Your matter is bound to be in there – believe it or not!

In addition to Easy-Edit text forms, FormFinder now features a revamped search template, global search functionality, more intuitive browsing and filtering tools, links to related resources, and new content from Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated and Oden. For more information, visit west.thomson.com/formfinder.