Popular Name Table

May 7, 2010

Many practitioners will refer to more ubiquitous federal statutes by the popular name of the act, rather than the citation to the United States Code. For example, how do you access Section 202 of the Americans With Disabilities Act on Westlaw? To find this, you can go to the Popular Name Table for the United States Code, which will list the Act’s section numbers and then the corresponding United States Code citations.

Using the “Americans with Disabilities Act” example, go to USCA-POP and run a search (using either terms & connectors or natural language) for “Americans with Disabilities Act.” You can also go to the Table of Contents in the upper right corner and browse the alphabetical list for the name of the Act.

Once you find the Act, you will see a table listing the sections of the Act on the left, and the United States Code sections on the right. Section 202 of the A.D.A. was codified at 42 U.S.C.A. § 12132. Click to enlarge the image below:

To perform the same task on WestlawNext, click “Federal Materials” from the home page, then click “United States Code Annotated.” The Popular Name Table is linked on the right. Click to enlarge the image below: