New WestlawNext feature takes the pain out of citing references

November 12, 2010

Q&AQ: Sometimes I retrieve a list of KeyCite citing references that is extremely long and hard to work with on my word processor. Is there a way to make such a list easier to format and edit?

A: Yes. You can now deliver a long result list or KeyCite citing references list as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. This WestlawNext delivery format allows you to filter or sort your list offline. Each type of information available in your list (e.g., KeyCite status flag, citation, or title) is presented in a separate column in the spreadsheet.

To deliver your result list or KeyCite citing references list on WestlawNext, click Download or Email on the toolbar. In the dialog box that is displayed, choose Microsoft Excel (CSV) from the Format drop-down list. Then click Download or Email, as appropriate.