New user guides for Survey Builder, Jury Instructions,

November 23, 2010

Help keyWhether you’re using Westlaw to compare state regulations or retrieve jury instructions for your case, these free quick-reference guides are chock full of helpful instructions and time-saving tips.

  • Comparing State Laws with West Survey Builder
    West Survey Builder on Westlaw enables you to create a customized survey of laws and regulations governing a selected subject, such as articles of incorporation requirements, broker-dealer requirements under state blue sky laws, or definitions of taxable income. West Survey Builder covers federal laws and regulations and laws and regulations from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Jury Instructions on Westlaw
    This quick reference guide describes how to retrieve pattern and standard jury instructions issued or recommended by a court and authored materials published in texts and treatises. It also describes how to retrieve jury instruction filings, which are court filings that include the proposed instructions submitted by counsel for presentation by the court to the jury.
  • User Manual
    This user manual describes how to use the latest version of, West¹s citation research application on the Web that automatically extracts citations from a legal document or from a citations list you create manually. makes WestCheck available to anyone with Internet access.

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