Monitoring a Specific Toyota Lawsuit with Docket Alert

June 17, 2010

Reference Attorneys continue to field calls regarding Toyota litigation.  Docket alerts allow the Westlaw user to monitor specific courts for litigation filed against a specific party.  Setting up a docket alert is an easy process.  Click the alert center in the upper right-hand corner.  


Click create in the line of the docket alert and choose Receive an alert when new cases are filed.

Select your court and insert your party name.  Click save, and you will receive emails listing how many dockets apply.  In one day, 14 cases were filed in federal courts against Toyota. 

Once you regularly start receiving updates on new litigation, you might discover adverse or supportive litigation that you want to keep an eye on.  Westlaw’s alert center’s docket alert allows an individual to monitor a specific docket.  Westlaw will send the user an email when new filings are posted to the docket sheet

Select the proper court. Then you can  name the alert whatever you like, select the time of day for monitoring and select your delivery settings.  Once you’ve selected the relevant information, click save and Westlaw will monitor your docket for you.