Locating Jury Instructions on Westlaw

May 12, 2010

My favorite database for locating federal jury instructions is Federal Jury Practice & Instructions (fed-ji), which contains both criminal and civil pattern jury instructions, as well as the Circuit specific instructions for all but the Second and Fourth Circuits.  These instructions can be viewed either by linking into the Table of Contents or by running a search within the database for a particular cause of action. 

Recently, I was looking for the elements for trademark infringement.  Of course, there’s plenty of material in case law and the Causes of Action (COA) databases.  But, I love FED-JI because it very provides the essentials:

In addition to the instructions, these documents include links to key cases and relevant statutes.

State Materials: Westlaw also has a number of state pattern jury instructions.  These databases can be found on the various state Westlaw tabs, or within the Directory for a particular state.  Again, most of these databases include a Table of Contents, or, alternatively, a search can be run for a specific type of claim.