Jenny: First Impressions of WestlawNext

February 2, 2010

Jenny WestlawHow many times have you heard something is “new and improved?” All the time, right? From the now-twice-as-huge  energy drink to the fresher-than-ever scent of a laundry detergent. That’s why our sneak peak at WestlawNext was such a surprise: This isn’t just a new flavor of Westlaw. They’re serving up a whole new recipe.

Three reference staff attorneys from Westlaw gave us a whirlwind tour of WestlawNext—and even they seemed impressed. When Johnny and I asked Andy O’Meara and Kim Ellenberg what they really thought of the new Westlaw, they both answered in perfect sync: “LOVE IT.” They’ll be serving as subject matter experts at the preview breakfasts, and you can tell they’re raring to go. Another RSA, Sue Barry, showed us the new user interface and how easy it was to just jump in and start using. I think even Johnny could turn out a decent research session! (Just kidding, Johnny!)

All the power of Westlaw is still there, but it’s so much easier to access, filter and find. I think the coolest thing about it is…well, why spoil the surprise? Sign up for a preview breakfast, because this is definitely one you’ll want to test drive in person.

Johnny and I will be kicking off the first event together in L.A. on February 10th. From there, one of us will be covering every stop on the tour. We’re really looking forward to meeting people at the events, so if you see us, please swing by to say hello! We are so excited to be there and bring the action back to you through our video blogs. Now that’s what I call a “new and improved” day at the office!

“Jenny” is the pseudonym for a real person who works with West to promote and personify WestlawNext.